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Affordable driving refresher courses

Let us get you back behind the wheel

When people haven't driven for a while, it can be very daunting getting back behind the wheel again, especially after an accident or other vehicle-related trauma. Our patient and honest instructors are here to lend you that stabilising hand you need to get back behind the wheel.

We'll never push you too hard

If it's just motorway driving you want refreshing on, that's fine. Or if it's perhaps just going down to the shops, that's OK too. We won't ever make you uncomfortable by making you do more than you can. It's dangerous and not responsible on our part, plus it doesn't make you any less of a nervous driver, which is what we're trying to change.

What our course will give to you:

If you're a first time learner, or the parent of one, why not take a look at our driving lessons section?


Driving your confidence back up

If you've started to worry about driving, we can help


For the experts in driving refresher courses.


Call 07721 527 072 to find out more information.

• Give you back driving confidence

• Give you back your independence

• Give you back your freedom

• Give you back your love of driving

• Give you back your peace of mind

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